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So yesterday I spent the first half of my day watching episodes of the Office on my netflix, and I thought to myself, "shouldn't I be productive" At that point I pulled up a separate Netflix and I started looking for a scene to draw from the movie Kick Ass. Split between watching the Office and actually painting this scene, I ended up spending around an hour 45 on this image.
Here's the reference

And here's my take on it
I think I could use a little help on defining my colors more closely to the original, but I hope that just comes with time.


  1. Really awesome stuff, Danny! :D

    Before color, focus on value. Kick Ass should be slightly darker. Great job on simplifying the background. :) Also, some advice from Annlyn, don't be afraid to push saturation, you can always pull back after. I hope that helps, 'cause it helped me out. haha. Happy paintings! :D

  2. heya, I agree with all jon said, I also think it would help if you softened the background. the background in the original is all out of focus so the edges are much softer. try painting the background with a soft, large brush. Also, try squiting at the original. you'll see a lot more green from the street signal lights.

    Anyway, looks good! keep it up


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