Photoshoped paintings!

After completing my first photoshop painting last week, I kinda lost track of time, thinking that the reference images, along with my own would come quickly after each other. I noticed that waiting is... not the solution. So last today I pulled out two paintings to try and make some recovery on the time that I wasted last week.  

On this one I had some difficulty figuring out the colors and the way the lake met the land. Gotta keep practicing.

This one was actually real fun. I just woke up and started going at it. It took me Around 2 hours or so, and then about 15 for blocking in all the shapes.


  1. These are great, Danny! The mountain one is is much simpler than your last reference photo and it seems you had more control this time. The values are good, just the grass needs some geening. :)

    I like your second one too. It feels nice and solid. Keep going Danny! Good job! :D

  2. Thanks Jon! I've been trying to simple things down a bit and it's been rough cus i'm trying to go off of shapes. The color part I think you're right about though and I'll try to work on greening it up :]

  3. Yeah, go simple because I know how difficult it is to think about so many objects in one painting. I also think it's easier to absorb information when you have some control. haha. Keep going. :)


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